Diskball is a game played with a flying DISC, a COURT divided into SECTIONS by INSIDE LINES and bordered by OUTSIDE LINES.

The DISC is SERVED by the KING with a toss, and can be hit and returned by the other player(s). If the DISC lands in a player's SECTION, that player LOSES. If the player is the last player to hit the DISC before it goes OUT-OF-BOUNDS, that player LOSES. The DISC cannot be SPIKED; if a player is determined to have SPIKED the DISC, they LOSE.

Once a player LOSES, the player below them advances into their SECTION, and the player below them advances into their SECTION, and so on, until the first player in line enters the COURT.


The SERVE must be a spinning toss of the DISC, preferably axially. During the SERVE, all players must be in their own SECTION, but after this there are no limits on who may go where and who may hit the DISC.


The first player in line to enter the COURT acts as the LINE JUDGE. The LINE JUDGE declares the result of disputed rulings on the COURT, especially relating to the landing of a DISC within different SECTIONS, and SPIKES. The LINE JUDGE must always remember that OUTSIDE LINE IS IN, INSIDE LINE IS OUT. The LINE JUDGE is the sole determiner of what a SPIKE is for any given play.

If the LINE JUDGE is unable to make a call, they may differ to the SECONDARY LINE JUDGE, who is the person in line behind them. This deferral of responsibility may continue throughout the line, but is never handed to the SQUIRE. The SQUIRE has no say in anything ever.


Whoever is the last player in line is called the SQUIRE. (Only in games with 6 or more players). The SQUIRE is responsible for holding the KING's beverages while the KING plays a round. The SQUIRE may test the KING's beverage for poison but may never finish the KING's beverage.


In standard SAND COURT Diskball, there are 4 SECTIONS, the KING, QUEEN, JACK, and 10 (often referred to as 4, 3, 2, and 1).

A standard SAND COURT layout has a few distinct attributes.

  1. The 10 SECTION should be facing the sun and downwind
  2. The KING section should be facing away from the sun and be upwind
  3. The COURT should be roughly square, but the SECTIONS should not necessarily be the same size, with the 10 SECTION being the largest and the KING SECTION being the smallest

The KING has the authority to declare the court be redrawn or fixed.

In standard WATER COURT Diskball, the COURT is a square raft on a body of water with a line running down the middle cutting the raft into two SECTIONS – the KING section and the CHALLENGER section. At any point between rounds of Diskball, the KING may choose either section to be their own.