One fateful day down the Cape, the founders of our great sport found themselves on a beach on a beautiful autumn day with nothing but a disc, the sand, and the balls to change the world.

The conventions of the sport were established that day. The spirit of Diskball would always be rooted in a deep belief in meritocracy, chill vibes, and the joy of a flying disc. Disputes between players would come to be defined by the controversial but iconic "Line Judge" system, who would preside over plays like the quickly banned "Spike" and the debate that would result in "Outside line is in, inside line is out", another iconic rule in the fast-growing sport.

The first Water Court Diskball game was also played down the Cape, and created the most exciting 1-on-1 sport the world had ever seen. The innovative movable playing field became a quick fan favorite.

Diskball will always be synonymous with New England, having been played many times up and down the East coast before its explosion in popularity in early 2022 across the continent.

The sport was brought to Hawai'i, where it became popular on the south shore of Maui, and additional contributions to the sport were made. The "Maui Rules", as they came to be known, became standard play quickly once word spread to allow for the elite players of the game to stay hydrated during a long tournament.

Shortly after, NEDBA was formed, and created the first organization dedicated to our sport. Founding NEDBA members have said the fact that they created something so enduring and beautiful seems unlikely, but really if you think about it, it would happen like half the time.